Job Position: Innovation Program Specialist Intern


Job Position: Innovation Program Specialist Intern

Location: Beijing, China
Number of Available Vacancies: 2
Commencement date: ASAP

Job Responsibilities:

Project planning & implementation

  1. Develop and maintain connections with key organizations in Singapore’s innovation ecosystem, like university, research institute, government authorities, media, corporates, startups, investors, etc.

  2. Support understanding and clarifying Singaporean customer needs

  3. Assist in speaker management, mentor relations

  4. Help project manager on project schedule management

  5. Assist in Chinese English translation

  6. Assist in organizing online and/or offline events

Sales & marketing support

  1. Sell company’s product and service to international market, especially Singaporean and Southeast Asian markets.

  2. Make market research based on company’s product strategy.

  3. Develop international marketing channels, and international media relation

  4. Be responsible for company’s international social networks maintenance, like Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

  5. Be responsible for company’s EDM system

  6. Update and maintain company’s CRM system

  7. Enlarge the size of DayDayUp international audience. 


  1. Full passion on the tech ecosystem

  2. Strong capability to conduct extensive business research in an autonomous manner

  3. Strong analysis abilities to identify strengths and weaknesses of tech companies

  4. Analytical approach to solving problems

  5. Pro-active and sense of initiative

  6. Solution-oriented and optimistic

  7. Fluent in English and Mandarin

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