DayDayUp Foshan Accelerator is an international innovation platform located in Guicheng International Innovation Park in Nanhai District of Foshan City. It is committed to providing various acceleration programs that last up to 6 months, such as connecting high-tech startups with top tier international investors, matching accurate customers and customizing mentor services. It creates a community for startups to hold business activities, forums and cultural salons; and also offers targeted services to accelerate the growth of startups, such as business matching, investment, project roadshow, mentoring training, travel studies and community activities.

Address: 101 Building 4 Block Guicheng International Innovation Park, Nanhai district, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Area: 5000 Sqm
Meeting Rooms: 1

Lele Dong

Foshan Space Manager
Tel +86 17796044609

Who Has Visited

Huang Zhihao, member of Standing Committee of the Foshan Municipal Committee and Secretary of Nanhai District Committee
Gu Yaohui, Chief Executive of Nanhai District Zhang Jingwen, member of the Standing Committee of Nanhai District Committee and Secretary of Guicheng Street Party and Labor Committee
Mai Shaoqiang, Secretary of Guicheng Street Party and Labor Committee
Yu Hui, member of the Party and Labor Committee of Guicheng Subdistrict Office Cen Xueqin, deputy director of Guicheng Street Economic Promotion Bureau