How to immediately revive your pandemic-stricken business? If you are in Singapore and your business has come to a stop because of the Covid-19 pandemic, you are not alone! DayDayUp has put together the most exclusive online training programme to help companies not only revive their businesses but also boost their sales to unprecedented growth. We have gathered some of the most well-known online Chinese influencers to share their success stories and innovative techniques.

This programme covers topics from e-commerce, short-videos/live streaming, to mobile marketing, from corporate brand positioning to new marketing and delivery channels, this course comprehensively analyzes how traditional retail can retaliate with a counter-strike against the epidemic dead-end.

  • Four-day exclusive course with two top-notch industry mentors
  • Online face-to-face conference with the two mentors
  • Building business confidence in the post-epidemic
  • Study China's cutting-edge technological innovation and model innovation in the field of new retail
  • Learn from China's successful experience and innovative models to accelerate your own business growth
  • Landing business opportunities and potential business partners in the Chinese market
  • As a DayDayUp alumni, use community resources for lifelong learning and development


  • Entrepreneurs and managers in the consumer goods industry in Singapore
  • For those who want to expand their overseas sales channels and understand the business opportunities in the Chinese market
  • Individuals who wish to learn about the most cutting-edge technological innovation and model innovation in China's new retail field


  • 14 Jul - 14:30~17:00
    Learn The Evolution & Innovation of China's E-commerce Platforms
  • The Current Chinese E-Commerce Market Overview and Consumption Trends
  • What is Jack Ma's "New Retail"?
  • Successful Cases of Foreign Enterprises Doing E-Commerce in China
  • What were the "key" Decisions That Traditional Chinese Companies Made During the Pandemic?
  • 15 Jul - 14:30~17:00
    Grow Your Business With Micro-videos/Livestreams in Pandemic times | Online Q&A
  • The Rise of Micro-videos and Livestreams, Their Development and Future Trends
  • Case Study of Successful Micro-videos and Livestreaming Chinese Influencers:
    Viya (2019 Double 11, generated Sales over ¥3 Billion in One Day);
    Austin Li (Guinness World Record Holder Who Beats Jack Ma in Selling Lipsticks in His Livestreaming Show)
  • The Current Status and Future of "House Economy"
  • A Complete Guide for Foreign Brands and Companies to Start Livestreaming
  • 16 Jul - 14:30~17:00
    Empower Branding Through Social Media
  • Current Status of Social Media in the Era of Digital Economy
  • How Do Overseas Retail Brands Use Social Media for Marketing?
  • How does "Traditional Retail" View the New Vertical E-Commerce, group purchasing, vertical socializing and etc.
  • A Case Study of Traditional Retail Empowed By Social E-Commerce
  • 17 Jul - 14:30~17:00
    Leverage Business With Digital Marketing | Online Q&A
  • Summary and Main Trends of Digital Marketing
  • How to Digitalize a Traditional Enterprise?
  • Strategic Importance of Enterprise Digitalization
  • The Impact of Chinese Digital Marketing on Traditional Industries

Yan Yanchun, Partner of ShengJing Group,
Dean of New Economy +X Research Institute,
CEO of eFuture (China’s 1st software company in NASDAQ),
Author of The Thirds Retail Revolution

Bo Yiqun, Founder & CEO of DayDayUp,
Co-founder of GMIC (#1 tech event in China),
Invested by Founder of Xiaomi and 10 other tech-giants billionaires


  • Full Price SGD 1,000
  • After Z-Grant Price SGD 300
  • Apply for Z-Grant to get 70% discount (Approval of Z-Grant is subject to organizer’s discretion)
  • Note: The contents of this programme is in Chinese language with English subtitles

Our Programme Participants

Visit Huawei

Xiaomi sharing their success story in international markets

Lecture given by Tencent executive

Airbus Demo Day

Workshop for Thales

One on one business matching with Chinese potential partners

Israel Startup Demo Day

Russia Startup Demo Day

Lecture given by DayDayUp

Our Top-Notch Mentors

Yanchun Yan

ShengJing Group

Yiqun Bo

Founder & CEO

Joe Wu

Founding Partner

Leo, Genping Liu


Jonathan Zhun Qiu

Managing Director & US/Europe head at Fosun RZ Capital

William Bao Bean

General Partner at SOSV, Managing Director at Chinaccelerator & MOX

Edward Long

Co-founder of Dianping,Founding Partner of Light-Up Capital

Benjamin Joffe

Partner at HAX / SOSV, VC for deep tech startups. Speaker, Guest Writer at TC, VB